Concord Equity Group, LLC  Mortgage & Real Estate Investments  

CEG specializes in the purchase and re-positioning of distressed and under-performing real estate properties throughout the United States. Our primary interests are:

1. Existing office, retail and industrial properties. In the recent past, CEG has purchased a wide range of properties from single tenant buildings with national credit tenants to multi-tenant buildings with only local tenants to vacant buildings. We have identified opportunities to increase the values of these properties over time, and once these properties have been re-positioned, they have been held in our portfolio or sold on the open market.

2. CEG options and/or buys tracts of residential or commercial land suitable for subdivision. Typically, we take the property through the entitlement process to get these subdivisions approved. Once approved, we either sell the entire project to a building company or sell the individual building lots to builders or retail buyers.

Feel free to contact us for more information on selling your distressed or under-performing property to CEG.